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Precautions - Your Safety is our first priority, this is a powerful product with two active ingredients, please read the Warnings Individual results may vary. Disclaimer

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About Somxl ®

Somxl ® with Dual-Action does two very important things by combining two proven and safe, active ingredients.

  1. Salicylic acid – A prominent review "Identifies topical therapies with Salicylic acid as safe and effective" (1) It is also FDA (2) and MHRA approved for wart formula.
    Importantly you should have clean, clear skin again. Our dual action formula was enhanced with
  2. Oxygen - "Increased oxygen levels has been shown to lead to increased healing times and regeneration of the skin" (3,4).
    Finally we formulated Somxl to be gentile for the most sensitive skin areas.

Dual-Action for clear, clean skin again.

Our Dual-Action topically applied cream uses Salicylic Acid, a highly recommended wart formula. "Salicylic acid is a keratolytic compound which means it dissolves the protein (Keratin), which makes up both the wart and the thick layer of dead skin that often surrounds it" (5)

For skin repair we enhanced Somxl ® with a second active ingredient, Oxygen in the form of Ozone which is 3 Oxygen atoms combined "Increased oxygen levels has been shown to lead to increased healing times and regeneration of the skin" (3,4).

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